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Amion 2017: Let us Talk About Physician Scheduling Software and App Scheduling is one of the most complex components of any operation. But it does not have to be this way anymore because scheduling can now be fun, eliminating subjectivity and promoting accessibility, transparency, accuracy and efficiency. Having a trusted and reliable scheduling software eliminates the use of paper and saving you from duplication efforts. Amion offers scheduling software and app for attendings, residents and enterprises. With a scheduling software, you can create and fine-tune schedules using staffing rules, templates, auto scheduler, and patterns. With Amion, physician scheduling is made easy. All you have to do is to submit special requests online and the software delivers error-free and fair results. With Amion desktop scheduler, once the staff and services are entered, requests are feed into the system and then automatically lists the physician available for each shift, clinic slot or call. With the utilization of auto scheduler, there is a fair distribution of calls. Templates are utilized for defining complex patterns and duplicating repeating duties. Statistical, organizational and visual scheduling tools can help fine-tune your physician schedules. With schedule submitted to Amion.com, the staff is allowed to look up who’s on call, submit special requests, sync assignments to mobile devices, view personal calendars, page or message staff, and swap shifts. With Amion, help is just a few clicks away so keep your papers, pencils, and magnets! With this trusted and reliable resident physician scheduling software, the usual complex resident scheduling is now simplified, allowing you to lay out rotations, on-call duties and clinics hassled-free and stress-free. Have an accurate and fair scheduling with this trusted and reliable physician scheduling software and save time and effort. Amion delivers coverage for the entire hospital, services and clinics, so you don’t have to worry anymore being left short-staffed. The feature highlights for resident scheduling include block scheduling, call scheduling, shift scheduling, clinic scheduling, special requests, team reports, and tallies, and find staffing problems. For hospital-wide schedules, you can organize any number of residency and physician schedules into a single display and see who’s on call as well as send secure texts or alpha-numeric pages on the right from the list. The system makes it possible for building each hospital department’s own schedule. It is now easier to file vacation requests, fill assignments and check rule balance and violations. Update schedules faster and easier and make revisions straight to the site-wide on-call list. Last-minute changes can be managed by page operators using switchboard tools.
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This trusted and reliable scheduling software allows the staff to view personal schedules months ahead, respond to calls due to coverage changes, reduces call volume, reduces cases where providers do not reduce time and effort spent in verifying, creating and distributing schedules. Avail of iBuildApp apps for your physician scheduling software.The Ultimate Guide to Physicians