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Release the Geek Inside Your Partner

Being Geek is Popular

Releasing your geeky side is something to be proud of, especially when there are a lot of people out there who adores the same activity that you do. If you will learn how to embrace the geek in you, you will notice how confident you will feel. If you want some proof that being geek is already a successful hit, just look at how famous Big Bang Theory, Flash, and Supergirl TV series are. Never hide the talents and hobbies that are worry to be noticed by the world. There is no reason for you to hide your coolness from your partner, too. Releasing the geek inside your loved one is very easy by following some easy steps. This article will give you some helpful tips in order for you to enjoy being geeky with your partner.

Attend Cool Conventions With Your Loved One

If you think that there are only a few conventions in your country, you might want to think again. There is an overwhelming population that celebrates together by wearing their favorite costumes. Every convention is filled with so much creativity, especially when people will wear their favorite game, movie, or comic character. Your partner will definitely enjoy these conventions with you. You can earn a lot of friends with the same interest as you do in an amazing convention. If you want to see the maker of the movie you love, you can even catch them in these conventions. Aside from seeing celebrities, you would also love how your partner is enjoying your company. If you want to make your date more like a vacation, you should choose conventions outside your city. In a relationship, your should be bonded well by showing your true personalities and hobbies. Isn’t it very impressive to see your partner very happy about a game of book that he or she wants to share with you?

Online Gaming with Your Loved One

Instead of choose a one player game, you should play your favorite game with your loved one. Challenge you partner through a game, which can be your choice or your partner’s choice. There are many online games these days which are based on your favorite movies or anime. If you want to put your gaming in a different level, funny bets are the best. You can even have a team up with your partner through a good game. It is better to play online when you are just right beside each other. Bonding can happen even within your home. You must be able to go out also, if you do not want to be addicted to the games.