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How to Clean Your Carpet for Stains The warmth provided by the carpet makes it a perfect addition to every home. Home interior designers also prefer to use carpets for their client’s house as there are many designs and colors which help complement the theme of the house. Most people worry about the dirt and dust on the carpet which they have to remove frequently. The worse thing is stain which cannot be removed as easily as dirt particles. People purchase all kinds of cleaning products and come up with their own unique cleaning methods just to clean the carpet. Unfortunately, there are people who could not properly clean their carpet and get rid of stains so it is better if they look for a professional carpet cleaning company. Different Carpet Cleaning Techniques Carpet Cleaning By Absorption
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This carpet cleaning method is relying on the water as it dissolves various dirt from the carpet. A mixture of cleaning product and water will be the perfect solution to dissolve any stain on the carpet making the vacuum process a lot easier. This is a very effective cleaning method that saves people a lot of time. It is also quick to dry the carpet compared to washing it completely.
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Bonnet Method If you have stubborn stains on the carpet, this is the perfect cleaning method. The carpet does not have to get wet a lot with a rotating brush effectively removing stains. There is no need to completely wet or use too much water with bonnet technique. People will have to buy certain cleaning products to maximize the cleaning efficiency of bonnet technique. Shampoo Technique Carpet cleaning through shampoo solutions is popular around the world. The shampoo technique is divided into two ways. One method is to soak the carpet in a shampoo solution then dried through a vacuum. There is also the option of aerosol foam shampooing. The aerosol foam is sprayed on the stain area and letting it dry naturally. Finish the procedure using a vacuum. You just have to avoid ammonia based shampoo or the carpet will have a foul smell. Steam Technique This is considered the most popular carpet cleaning technique. Large dirt particles are removed with a vacuum. Next is stain removal as well as the left dirt with the help of pressurized and steamy water. Steaming technique works well with shampoo or detergent solution. This can clean even the hardest to deal stains and dirt. Let the cleaning solution to dry for around 30 minutes before starting the steam cleaning process. You need to make sure that the carpet is thoroughly dried before putting it back on the floor. There are equipment like vacuum that can help dry the carpet quicker. There are professional cleaners which provide quality carpet cleaning services for homes and commercial buildings. Choose a reputable local cleaning company.