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How to Save on Your Marriage Ceremony Rentals The tips below will guide you in making your wedding rentals at a cost that saves you the stress of your money. You should be wise when making your wedding rentals to ensure that you rent at lower price and at the same time ensure that your wedding will be colorful. Pay keen attention to the glasses you are renting to check if there are any that have cracked or if there are dirty glasses. When the glasses are delivered to you do not hesitate to have a look at them You should not pay for any rental item when you have not confirmed that they are in the right order. Also, remember to count all the items to ensure that their number is correct. You should follow the same steps when renting for plates. You first check the state and the quantity of the plates before signing any order. If the plates are dirty, broken or scrapped make a note of them and ensure that those items are credited to you.
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You should ensure that there is a good relationship built between you and the caterer. Find out whether your caterer is renting items and if so, determine which renting agency they are renting. Once you are sure about the caterers and the rental agency, communicate in a clear manner to the rental agency that you want the items to be delivered at the same time with the caterers. Delivering of the caterers and the items at the same time will help to save your money because the cost of transporting them at the same time will be lesser.
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If you desire to rent real champagne glassware for the toast, then ensure you flat champagne glasses than the fluted ones since they are typically less expensive, and they do not break easily hence they will save you the cost of replacement. Ensure that the plates you have used during the wedding ceremony are rinsed before delivering them back to the rental company. By doing so, you will protect yourself from having extra charges for cleaning the dried food off the plates. Ensure that you return the items that you have rented for the time you agreed with the rental company. Returning in good tome will prevent you from paying extra money for delivering the goods late. Ensure that you assign a responsible person the duty of delivering the goods back to ensure that no item will be left behind. If you have rent a linen, consider placing something under the candles to prevent it from damage. This is because in the case of any damages you are responsible for paying, and this will increase the cost of your charges. You are recommended to consider renting plastics plates and glasses if your marriage ceremony is in a more casual setting. The plastics are recommended because they more affordable than the glassware. You can also choose to hire disposable plates.